Agroecological synergies – we can do more together!

GOOD Synergies

The overall objective of the GOOD project is to co-create innovative, systemic and sustainable agroecological weed management (AWM) solutions through the deployment of living labs (LLs) and to encourage a long- term and large-scale transition to sustainable biodiversity based agri-food systems through the development of the AWM network. Therefore, GOOD synergies are a core activity of the GOOD project which ensures a wide impact of the GOOD project activities and results by linking the project to other initiatives and addressing the scientific and policy perspectives. In this context, the specific objectives of the GOOD synergies are:

  • Provide further elements for the scanning of promising AWM practices to be mapped
  • Enhance cross-project collaboration, promoting mutual evaluation of project activities and outcomes
  • Join efforts on communication activities and dissemination of results among similar projects

An online cooperation meeting was held on 14th June 2023 with projects funded under the GOOD topic and other relevant projects to exchange best practices, implement synergies where possible and deliver added value communication, dissemination and exploitation activities towards all stakeholders, including European policymakers and scientific communities in the appropriate fora.

If you think you can co-operate with us, feel free to contact us!