The Project

Concept of the GOOD Project

Weeds negatively affect the sustainability of EU farming systems with weed management relying to a large extent on herbicides. The reduction of pesticide use and risk has become major policy targets of Farm to Fork strategy, aiming to promote agroecology and the transition to sustainable and resilient farming systems. GOOD is a 4-year project adopting multidisciplinary approach, aspired to create and evaluate Agroecological Weed Management (AWM) systems, and demonstrate that AWM adoption reduces herbicide use and enhances sustainability and resilience of cropping systems.

Our Vision

The main ambition of GOOD is to foster the agroecological transition for weed management across Europe. One of the goals of GOOD is to move the boundaries of the practices and research knowledge acquisitions to the current state of the art by realistically proposing innovative and sustainable solutions to accelerate the rate of adoption of  effective agroecological weed management solutions by farmers. The AWM solutions proposed will be tested (alone & in combinations), evaluated and demonstrated at different locations across  Europe through Living Labs (LLs) representing local/regional agronomic realities.

GOOD Project in Numbers






EU pedo-climatic regions

Our Objectives

The overall objective of GOOD is to co-create innovative, systemic and sustainable AWM solutions through the deployment of LLs and to encourage a long-term and large-scale transition to sustainable biodiversity- based agri-food systems through the development of the AWM Network (AWMN).

  • Establish AWMN and install 16 Living Labs to co-create knowledge focused on AWM strategies 
  • Develop and assess combinations of AWM strategies to increase the awareness, trust and the adoption of succesfull AWM approaches
  • Assess the social, economic and environmental impact of AWM strategies, including the market acceptance, to provide business models and policy recommendations 
  • Disseminate, communicate and demonstrate the GOOD outcomes