One of the main objectives of the GOOD Project is the creation of the  GOOD Toolbox where someone will be able to explore a complete package of educational, practical, and innovative solutions for agroecological weed management. When it is completed you will be able to access it from here.  The link will be available soon.

The material you will find in the  GOOD Platform,  includes, among other things the following:

The AWM Toolbox

The AWM Toolbox is a web-based, open-source tool to help farmers to choose the optimal cover crops for their fields and which agroecological weed management strategies to apply in the respective crop

The E-learning module

The E-learning module is a set of online courses and webinars for training on agroecology and agroecological weed management


The AWMN is a forum and site for the GOOD Agroecological Weed Management Network to increase knowledge exchange and co-creation opportunities as well as capacities of all stakeholders on AWM practices