Welcome to our Agroecological Weed Management (AWM) Repository – Your Gateway to sustainable weed management!

A repository for current weed management practices and herbicide use in European agroecosystems


our interactive "AWM practices" page, browse current "Herbicide usage maps" or use our "Search Tool" to unlock a world of tailored solutions for weed management based on agroecological principles!

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Cultivate healthier crops
  • Reduce herbicide use
  • Protect biodiversity
  • Foster resilient agroecosystems by diving into a treasure trove of innovative practices and herbicide alternatives for agroecological weed management

How can AWM practices benefit my farm?

Agroecological weed management practices:

  • Reduce weed pressure and competition
  • Promote biodiversity and ecosystem resilience
  • Enhance soil health and fertility
  • Contribute to long-term sustainability and profitability

Which crops are included in the repository?

Annual crops:

Rice, wheat, triticale, rye, maize, soybean, cowpea, pea, onion

Perennial crops:

Grapes, olives, citrus, apple, plum, cherry

How can I contribute to the AWM community?

By joining the Agroecological Weed Management Network!

    There are three ways:
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  2. Contact your closest Living Lab!
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