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Delphy is a leading international consultancy organization, based in The Netherlands. It is a private company that finds its roots in the former extension services of the MOA. Delphy currently employs about 250 consultants and project managers that work worldwide. The activities of Delphy comprise advisory services, demonstrations and training activities for farmers, innovative projects in the plant-based agricultural sectors. Delphy covers all aspects of farms management, such as day-to-day crop management, implementation & development of new, innovative technologies and decision support systems; soil improvement plans and control strategies for soil borne diseases. Delphy is coordinator of several operational groups in The Netherlands, partner in several EU projects and Delphy has an extended network in agriculture and the agribusiness.

Our Role

DELPHY is the WP7 Communication and Dissemination leader. DELPHY will establish a Living Lab (onion) in the Netherlands and set a special pilot for mechanical weeding.

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Team members

  • Harm Brinks
  • Stefanie Bos
  • Dominique Cammaert
  • Wendy Schalke
  • Leontine Langner
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