Living Labs

Jorge Baptista (
Most used practices:
Mechanical Control - Herbicides - Grazing - Mowing - Cover Crops

Olive Living Lab

Two Living Labs located in Idanha-a-Nova region. The main crops are olives and cowpeas. The conventional trials for both crops are located in Monforte da Beira and inserted in a semi-intensive olive orchard. The organic trials are inserted in an organic farm, Monte Silveira BIO – located in Vale Cereal, composed by diversified crops and cattle. The experimental sites were kindly ceded by Christian Social Institute Pina Ferraz for conventional and by João Valente for organic farming. Weeds are a critical and decisive factor for crop yields, so we will analyse several methods and treatments to control them and simultaneously benefit the soil and biodiveristy. In autumn last year we collected soil samples before sowing trials with 3 different types of cover crops: 1. rye; 2. oats, lupine and turnip; 3. rye, oats, lupine, turnip, mustard and flax. These cover crops will be treated with different management methods: tillage and no tillage with roller crimper for conventional plus organic farming and additionally application of herbicide in two different doses (recommended and half recommended) for conventional farming and grazing practice for organic. After these processes and performance analysis, we will select the best cover crop for the second year, and, together with the treatments adopted, understand its performance with and without inoculation of beneficial microorganisms. This entire approach, complexity and mix of factors, treatments and agents will allow us to achieve a more in-depth and holistic understanding of the best agroecological practices for weed management.