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Proefboerderij Rusthoeve in Colijnsplaat
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Most used practices:
Mechanical Control - Mowing - Herbicides - Site-Specific Weed Management - Cover Crops

Onion Living Lab

In the Dutch Living Lab we work on onions. Weed control in onions is not an easy task. More and more herbicides are banned from the market, but on the other hand, alternative solutions are developed. This research station is also the basic location for the Dutch Onion Innovation Centre. Delphy BV will oversee this Living Lab. The field trial in the LL started in September 2023. Three green manure crops are sown: phacelia, yellow mustard and grass. The differences in weed suppression will be measured, and next year onions will be grown on the field, and several strategies for weed control tested. In September also a soil sample has been taken, for the identification and isolation of beneficial microorganisms. After multiplication, these microorganisms will be used to treat the seeds of the green manure crops for the next season, looking for impact on growth stimulation.