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North-West Sardinia (Sennori)
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Most used practices:
Mechanical Control - Grazing - Herbicides - Intercropping - Cover Crops

Triticale Living Lab

In the Italian Living Lab coordinated by the CNR ISPAAM of Sassari, research is being conducted on weed control in triticale as main crop at private farms located in northern Sardinia, under conventional and organic management. Field activities began in September 2023 with the collection of soil samples for analytical determinations and for the identification and isolation of beneficial microorganisms by the University of Pisa. In November 2023, triticale was sowed alone or intercropped with three cover crops (the annual legumes subterranean clover, barrel medic and their mixture) to test their impact. In addition, various weed control strategies were adopted : chemical weeding (2 herbicides and 2 rates), bio-herbicide, mowing (full or inter-row), and a combination of inter-row mowing and cover crops. Periodic surveys and measurements are being carried out to evaluate seedling density, ground covering rates and biomass of triticale, cover crops and weeds. Particular attention has been paid to a bioagronomic study on the invasive weed Oxalis pes-caprae (Bermuda buttercup), which is widespread throughout Sardinia and represents a source of growing concern for farmers.