Living Labs

Sia, Klavdia
Dimitris Tsaltas (

Michalis Christoforou (

Antria Tsalakou (
Most used practices:
Mechanical Control - Mowing - Grazing - Herbicides - Tillage

Olive Living Lab

The Cyprus Living Labs are established in both organic and conventional olive orchard in the villages of Sia (Nicosia District) and Klavdia (Larnaca District), respectively. Agroecological weed management (AWM), practices in the two Olive Living Labs began in December 2023. The AWM practices applied at the Living Labs are: mulching, mowing, mechanical control and cover crops. Also, a chemical herbicide was applied (full and half dose) in the conventional olive orchard. During the first year, two cover crops (Vicia sp., Pisum sativum) and a mixture of both plus Triticum durum, were sown in paths of each orchard. In September 2023, soil samples from both orchards were shipped to the University of Pisa (Italy), for the isolation of beneficial microorganisms. In the following year, seeds from the cover crops will be coated with the isolated beneficial microorganisms and will be sown for the study of the growth stimulating effects.