Cherry – Mulching


  • Act as a physical barrier (layer) preventing weed seeds from germinating and emerging from the soil
  • Enrich the soil with nutrients and organic matter over time due to decomposition of organic mulches
  • Conserve soil moisture by reducing evaporation


  • Potential habitat for rodents, pests and diseases if not properly managed
  • Risk of weed seed incorporation into the soil through mulch decomposition
  • Susceptibility to wind if mulch layers are not left on the ground properly


  • Select appropriate mulches considering their availability, cost, initial investment, effectiveness against weeds, and potential impact to crops
  • Apply uniformly the mulches (especially if these are organic such as straw, wood chips, or compost) and covering the soil surface to a sufficient depth to inhibit weed germination, emergence and growth
  • Seek advice from other local farmers already applying this method to learn from their experience